If your phone supports the storage and playing of multimedia songs, you will be able to play pod casts on it as well. Your phone could be an iPhone or an android hand set, you can easily download podcasts from your mobile internet and listen to them.

Downloading Podcasts

There are a variety of ways where you can download pod casts. You might have to visit a specific website or web store that will help you download pod casts on your cell phone. First of all, you will want to have a working internet connection on your phone or access to WiFi.
For android users, the best place to look for pod casts and other mp3 tracks is Google Listen. But sometimes, it may give a hitch to certain users. Apart from that, you can try Podkicker, or OneCast and DoggCatcher. These apps will be accessible easily and there is no limit for downloading pod casts.

For iOS or iPhone users, the procedure for downloading is obviously different. You could try iCatcher or Downcast. These apps are free to download for any iOS user and it allows you to organize your downloaded pod casts as well. The pod cast app for Apple is also quite suitable for many people provided you aren’t a pod cast expert.
If none of these options work for you, feel free to download pod casts directly from your personal computer or laptop. You could then transfer the pod casts to your phone.
Storing Podcasts

Once you download the items, you can easily store them in your phone using a USB mass storage device. You can link them into your phone’s media player and listen to them later.
If you are an android user, you will have to link each of the file into your media player and organize the files as well. You could also sync your phone and your computer to organize all your files together. It is an easier way of organizing without having to select each file and storing it in the desired folder.
If you are an iOS user, the pod cast app will automatically sync with your other music files. You could also store the pod cast files elsewhere so as to listen to them separately. It is a great way of organizing because music files and pod casts will be separated. The best part about iOS is that the app not only stores your files, it can also organize them into categories and genres.

There are other ways through which you can download pod casts and store them. These are the few well known sources that will help you out. You are free to download from whichever site suits you but for the people who weren’t aware, here were a few guidelines. Listening to pod casts has never been simpler with new apps to download. You don’t even have to pay for the app or the files that you download. A great internet connection will do the trick very nicely. If you have any further doubts regarding syncing or storing, you can refer to the user manual that was provided along with your phone.